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Vale Verde (Green Valley) | GPA&A
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Vale Verde (Green Valley)

The idea behind the Vale Verde Complex was born under the same line of thinking that defines the Vale Verde Group: giving value to the goods of the earth, to the singular qualities of the place, to the geography, the trees, the existing landscape, the river sources, the lakes, aiming at touching people’s sensitivities with the efficiency and laud of the natural beauty of the scenery. The propositions and interventions intend to call the patrons into action and into participating in preservation in all its aspects. The shared use and contemplation of the spaces bring about a pact of shared responsibility, in which the true guardian of the environmental, cultural and urban heritages come to be the one who, in its spontaneous relation with the spaces, gets to “earn” his or her belonging and transfer to them all of his or her expectations concerning a collective living.

Unit 1 – The boulevard

The idea was to create a kind of linear park which goes along with the main highway. Instead of a straight, cold lattice, an access boulevard was built with a friendly design that develops itself along the sinuous way, leading to squares, broadenings, retreats, reading and reference instruments. By distributing the flows, this long axis promotes the meeting between people and nature, a socialization space.

The boulevard is the territory of the language of the complex. There, the urban concept put through is made evident. It is a space for understanding the environmental structure, the connections and liaisons, and one that establishes the model for all other equipment.

Along the margins of this main axis, a dense vegetation is laid down – a green barrier that, besides framing the course, also gives privacy, exclusiveness and safety to the condominiums. Equipment will be created for cultural, leisurely activities and for integration with nature: routes, belvederes, an arena for cultural events, open air concerts, an area for new real estate promotions, a playground for children, bird observation decks, a lounge for sculptures, ways of staying in touch with the arts and the landscape, childplays and sports.

From this course full of surprises the surrounding environments unveil. Once there’s no heavy traffic in this area, it is a low-speed way, appropriate for fruition and contemplation.

Unit 2 – The residential condos

From the analysis of the geographic and geologic elements of the land, we have elected as preservation areas those with slopes steep above 30% and valley bottoms. The single-family residential condos have been divided into three modules, independently accessible, and we have opted for ample subdivisions, with units starting with 1,000m2.

Unit 3 – Conventions center / hotel / park

The central area of the enterprise, due to its placement close to the park, has potential for the establishment of a hotel and a conventions center. The connection with the Vale Verde Park makes this possibility even more appealing. The conventions center, the hotel and the park will form a leisure and cultural complex with an external, independent access.

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Project name: Vale Verde (Green Valley)
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Laura Penna, Alyne Ferreira, Alice Leite Flores, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Letícia Carneiro, Natália Ponciano, Catarina Hermanny, Vivian Hunnicutt
Management and planning: Rísia Botrel
Location: Vale Verde Farm – Betim – Minas Gerais – Brasil
Year designed: 2008
Land area: 116ha
Images: Virtualmente