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Sede Unitas | GPA&A
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Sede Unitas

Managing today imposes changes in attitudes.

We need to increasingly value the immaterial. quality rather than quantity. The human side: art, creativity, and relationships. This is our formula for efficiency and profitability. This proposal seeks to interpret this desire for our customers.

spaces are fluid, integrated with gardens and to the view of the mountain and city.
Nothing is compartmented. everything is shared.

A lot of air for better temperature control and Bioclimatic Mechanisms to save on energy.
The varied overhead clearances create a surprising ambience to avoid monotony.

The functional arrangement gives us intervisibility of activities, evoking the spirit of teamwork, the joy of doing things together.

The restaurant, resting, and childcare areas were placed at the distance, inviting us on a walk that crosses the lake and the green and values the break. The shape of the entirety is organic and fun but decided.

it touches the slope, involves the workspaces, signals pathways, and creates sectors without tightness.

After all, one need not be sad to be serious, responsible, and efficient.

Materials used are those that define the area of operation of the Unitas Group’s operation: eucalyptus, magnesium, dolomite, slate, crushed stone; even the old monorail structures comprise the new aesthetic universe. Everything intends to show a new way of thinking as required by these times of social and environmental responsibility, ultimately generating original, efficient, clear, humanized, and fraternal spaces.

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Project name: Sede Unitas
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Priscila Dias de Araujo, Norberto Bambozzi, Laura Penna, Letícia Carneiro
Location: Belvedere – Belo Horizonte – MG – Brazil
Year designed: 2007
Projected area: 2.500m2