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Pampulha Ecological Park | GPA&A
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Pampulha Ecological Park

The Pampulha Ecological Park, located in a 27-acre area, guarantees protection and stability to the Island, the Peninsula and the Bay. The revitalization of those areas creates opportunities for the community’s activities in educational leisure and also for the Zoo/botanic Foundation’s activities in research, environmental education and events. Divided into five sections – Esplanade, Reforested Area, Wetlands, Restricted Reserve, Bay –, the whole of the park favors the contemplative usage, especially regarding the natural aspects of the environmental reserve.

The directions for the space indicate the conservation of the forest areas with species from many ecosystems being incorporated to the sidewalks; also, motor vehicles are forbidden inside the park, except for the maintenance vehicles, making the pedestrian ways and bicycle tracks exclusive. Support equipments can also be found along the tracks (snack bars, bird observation decks, small environmental education centers, stilt houses for visitation and fishing, benches, litter bins, water fountains and restrooms). There is an extensive grassy area destined to cultural and environmental education events, besides children’s play and gymnastics open areas, and there is also the landscaping of the surrounding areas and their extensions.

In order to diminish the impact of the siltation of the area that now constitutes the PAMPULHA ECOLOGICAL PARK, we have researched solutions in landscaping that are integrated with to the environment, capable of the same smooth cliffs and reliefs of its surroundings.

The intention was to provide richness in levels and planes, easy visual referencing and the necessary isolation of the internal areas from the external areas of traffic flow and other activities that involve large audiences.

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Project name: Pampulha Ecological Park
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Mariza Machado Coelho, Álvaro Hardy, Alexandre Bragança, Alessandra Rodrigues, Ana Rita de Barros, Bruno Santa Cecília, Celina Borges Lemos, Fernando Maculan, Laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Pedro Morais, Roberta Vasconcelos.
Management and Planning: Rísia Botrel
Location: Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brasil
Year designed: 2002
Year completed: 2004
Projected area: 270.000m2
Photos: Jomar Bragança