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Olympic Port | GPA&A
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Olympic Port

Rio, with its mountains, forests and seawaves. The green and blue cradle of tropical modernism, that’s where the ample, curvy, generous gestures are born. We want openings to the four winds, through which Nature imposes the creation of spaces where the carioca can find himself and celebrate a new era that has never ceased to begin. The proposed buildings design framings, views, no interruptions or hindrances to the people’s coexistence.

The project starts with the notion of huge esplanades as a counterpoint to the city, which is almost always closed in itself. Located above the parking lots, extensive green areas guard the entraces and expand the space for the passer-by, creating environments for coexistence. The buildings are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, planned to make use of natural resources and low energy cost materials. On all levels, there are eaves and garden verandas casting shadows and allowing the framings to be open even on rainy days.

Eastern land

It will consist of 270,000m2 of built area distributed into three towers over the esplanade, touching it only on the few points of vertical circulation. The towers are characterized by the juxtaposition of uses and types, fomenting the coexistence. The residential units take the lowermost part of the building and the bedrooms designed to be used during the games can be transformed into 2-3 bedroom apartments with minimal change. The recreational areas are at the top of the building, allowing for more privacy and a privileged view. The three towers will include two four-stars hotels and an apart-hotel. After the Olympic Games, one of the hotels will be converted, with minor interventions, into an office building.

Western land

In a 5ha area, the 80,000m2 of built area are distributed, complementing the complex. The first horizontal pavements of the building accomodate the convention and exhibition center. The tower houses the five-stars hotel, which has a leisure area that stretches over the covering slab of the convention center. The restaurant at the top provides a privileged view of the whole area. The vehicle access for visitors and services is done independently, both flows being separated. The pedestrian access is shaped as a small, landscaped square that spreads along Francisco Bicalho Ave. with new sidewalks, gardens and street furniture, renovating it and granting it with a sense of wholeness.

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Project name: Olympic Port
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, laura Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Priscila Araújo, Marcus Martins, Catarina Hermanny, Natália Ponciano, Ana Isabel de Sá, Alice Leite, Raquel Amedee
Location: Rio de Janiero – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Year designed: 2010
Projected area: 480.000,00 m²
Images: Casa Digital