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Mineirão Stadium | GPA&A
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Mineirão Stadium

Unlike all other Brazilian stadiums ever built, the Mineirão Complex is located in a neighborhood that offers extensive open areas, which can accommodate all the sports-related activities and their complementary ones, as required by both the 2014 World Cup itself and the demands for social and economic sustainability of the complex after the event is over.

The goal is to build an equipment that will instrumentalize both the surroundings’ and the city’s life, thus complementing the needs of the population. The complex will be converted into a sports center, equipped with state-of-the-art implements in technology and sustainability, at one time in tune with the concept of a Green World Cup and also conjugating many related purposes in sports, leisure, culture and entertainment, in order to become a meeting place.

Taking the sloping ground around the Mineirão as an advantage, our proposal stems from the notion of a large square leveled with the audience entryways, which surround and interconnect the Mineirão and Mineirinho buildings, so as to give a sense of unity to the whole of the complex. The square, located on the top slab, reveals a unique view of the Pampulha Lake and its remarkable architectural complex. Through this square, the public will have access to the Mineirão complex, either on the same level or by the use of ramps.

Under the slabs, spaces will be created with large atriums and a double ceiling-height, providing greater flexibility for the event’s facilities and for future use. In this area, there will be parking lots, VIP accesses, halls, stores and the logistics and support areas to meet all of FIFA’s demands. After the World Cup, the more specific spaces may be turned into shopping and cultural lounges, thus contributing to the economic optimization of the building.

The location of the complex is strategic, because it has major highways in its surrounding area, providing multiple alternatives for access. There is planning for an intermodal bus terminal near the complex, which will concentrate arrivals and stops for both regular and event-connected buses in one space.

The area also counts on the Pampulha Airport, 2.8km away, and the Confins Airport, 32.7km away, both accessible through the Linha Verde (Green Lane), a newly built lane, and through the Antônio Carlos Av., recently enlarged. Anyway, some specific road interventions are still needed in the vicinity of the complex, to ensure smooth traffic operation.

The Mineirão complex will improve the dialogue with its surroundings’ cultural landscape, by retrieving, updating and enhancing the Pampulha complex as a means to honor the characteristics of cultural and environmental values Belo Horizonte has. The new complex will be integrated with the preexisting Pampulha Lake Urban-Architectural Complex, thus forming the most vigorous cultural and touristic hub of the state capital. It’s equipment that, later supplemented, revitalized and re-equipped, will be able to transform itself into a complex of unequivocal international dimensions.


Underground level: intended for FIFA’s offices, locker rooms and other facilities for athletes. On each side of the field’s access, there will be TV studios and lounges for quick interviews with athletes and coaching staff.

Ground level: broad gates will be installed with automated turnstiles, to speed up access to the stadium. It will also be the place for renovated restrooms and food courts.

Level 1: for cabins and technical support. This level will host the sound, lighting and scoreboards control room, and new police stations with safe, independent access from the ground floor, with an ample view of the stadium.

Level 2: the circulation area will have renovated restrooms and food courts to serve the upper seats. Also, this is the level for the press tribune.

Main promenade: at the public admittance level to Mineirão, there is going to be an outbound circulation square around the entire stadium. On the lower level, there will be another circulation ring, through which the connection between Mineirão and Mineirinho will be made.

The upper promenade is going to be a large square with a full, outstanding view of the Pampulha Lake, and will be accessible through staircases, ramps and elevators. This particular site is a potential host to several types of events, both parallel or unconnected to the main games.

Under the slabs, spaces will be created with large atriums and a double ceiling-height, providing greater flexibility of use. In this area, there will also be covered parking lots, cabin accesses, halls, stores and the logistics and support areas to meet all of the stadium’s demands.

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