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The idea behind the Moradas – Casa de Pedra Complex came from the notion of a neutral deployment, the valorization of the goods of the earth, and the particular characteristics of the place: the historical setting, the topography, the trees, the existing landscape, the river and its sources, aiming at touching people’s sensitivities with the efficiency and laud of the natural beauty of the scenery.

The power that emanates from History teaches us how to blaze new ways; by taking the ancient road, the River Route follows the topography and flows softly along the waterbed. In this course, the accesses to the dwellings are marked. The bridges are the portals to the units on the other side of the creek, marking the entrances, defining safety limits and becoming reference marks. In some parts of the main road, there are broadenings and retreats that promote the meeting between people and nature, a space of surprises.

Two portals at the intersection of the internal ways and the main highway provide external access to the complex. Once internalized, the access gates give rhythm and movement to the River Route, to where the surrounding environments unveil. Considering there’s no heavy traffic in this area, it is a low-speed way, appropriate for fruition and contemplation.

The residential condos

From the analysis of the geographic and geologic elements of the land, we have elected as preservation areas the PPAs, the legal reserves, the areas with slopes steep above 30% and valley bottoms. The single-family residential condos have been divided into nine modules, independently accessible, with units starting with 1,000m2. In the unbuilt areas between the residential complexes, the natural slopes will be preserved as conservation areas, also giving privacy to the condos.

Commerce, services and hotels

In the areas close to the soon to be renovated Casa de Pedra (House of Rocks), a hosting and gastronomy center has been established, with a shopping mall/hotel and a gourmet restaurant. This center not only supplies the demand of the new residential subdivisions, but could also become a reference point to its region and to the whole city.

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Project name: Glaura
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Norberto Bambozzi, Laura Penna, Priscila Dias de Araújo, Letícia de Paula Carneiro, Vivian Hunnicutt, Alyne Ferreira, Natália Ponciano, Catarina Hermanny, Alice Leite Flores
Management and Planning: Rísia Botrel e Isabela Tolentino
Location: Braço Livre Farm, Cachoeira do Campo – Minas Gerais –Brasil
Year designed: 2009
Projected area: 219ha
Images: Virtualmente