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Edifício Forluz | GPA&A
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Edifício Forluz

The design of Edifício Forluz was selected from among other designs proposed for housing the headquarters of CEMIG – Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais and its related companies.

Our work was guided by three looks, three funda- mental levels of ethical and technical relationship with the constructed space.

The Look From The World

The threats to the planet require a new generation of buildings that are energy conservative and environmentally responsible.

Therefore, we set out to create a green building, equipped with special systems for frames, windows, air conditioning, ventilation, facilities and automation. The design favored the use of low energy cost construction materials and the reuse of natural resources.

The Look From The City

The land on wich the Edifício FORLUZ will be built is located on Av. Barbacena, in the Santo Agostinho district, in the central region of Belo Horizonte, MG. In front of the site, occupying the entire block, is the current headquarters of CEMIG – Edifício Júlio Soares. The proposed new building aims to establish an aesthetic relationship with the Júlio Soares, wich is an icon of brazilian architecture from the 1970s.

There, we chose to create the feeling of a frame, an enveloping, receptive gesture. We proposed a vertical prism that, together with a large marquee on rua Mato Grosso, forms a concave dihedral. This would open up an ample space for the tower’s cornerstone.

The open spaces to the level of Avenida Barbacena and the horizontals curves of rua Mato Grosso indicate pathways that continue: wide-ranging views for the city to breathe.

The look from the institution

When part of an initiative of this magnitude, the FORLUZ wants to have security. Therefore, we propose to develop a constructive solution featuring:

  • modular and economic spans;
  • flexible plans to facilitate multi-functional arrangements;
  • integration of environments, aimed at unity and easy referencing;
  • bright, inviting environments;
  • spaces that promote togetherness and well-being;
  • ease of maintenance and monitoring;
  • short distances to rest areas and safety stairwells;
  • covered entrances;
  • dignified, legible, and uncomplicated access;
  • mobility and accessibility for the physically challenged and the elderly;
  • horizontal and vertical shafts; – constant presence of green and views of the city.

The result of this synthesis is a 23-floor building that will house the offices and related uses, with a full-floor layout. The facilities’ flexibility is a one of the project’s fundamental principles, considering the organizational dynamics that may be implemented.

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Project name: Forluz
Architecture: GPA&A, Trinia Arquitetura, Gustavo Penna, Alexandre Bragança, Ana Rita Massahud, Juliana Couri, Laura Caram, Laura Penna, Letícia Carneiro, Norberto Bambozzi, Paula Tavares, Priscila Dias de Araújo
Management: GPA&A, Trinia Arquitetura, Rísia Botrel e Flávia Mansur
Window Frames: BM Consultoria em Esquadrias
Structure: Engecol Engenharia e Economia Technical
Installations: Facury Engenharia – Gestão e Tecnologia
Air Conditioning, Exhaust, Ventilation, Cogeneration: Protherm – Sandra R.Botrel e Silva
Waterproofing: Firmino Siqueira Consultoria S/C Ltda
Automation: Automatix Automação, Instalações e Manutenção Ltda
Acoustics: Oppus Acística – Marco A. M. Vecci
Budgeting and Planning: Plante Engenharia – Fernando Ripari Machado
Landscaping: Polis Arquitetura – Marieta C. Maciel, Mirelli Borges Medeiros
Traffic – Parking: Tectran – Técnicos em Transportes
Leed Consultancy: CTE Centro de Tecnologia de Edificações Consultancy in Sustainability – Fernando Navarro y Bidegain
Location: Belo Horizonte – MG
Year Designed: 2008
Surface Area: 4500m2
Projected Area: 50.000m2