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Casa do Criador Building | GPA&A
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Casa do Criador Building

The Building

The Gameleira Exhibition Center is complemented by Casa dos Criadores.

It’s a space for meetings, lectures, ceremonies, with the physical and symbolic dimensions demanded by those activities.
In the ample, multi-purpose hall, there is an auditorium for 150 seats, besides the parallel events.

The Project

The first aim was to integrate the Casa dos Criadores in the architectural complex of Bolívar de Andrade Park.

Therefore, the building is an extension of the existing buildings and it makes use of their rhythm, their heights, the fillings and the voids, while serving as a finish to all this movement.

The building is open to the main ring in the runway and even more to the avenue. Being the axis of the park, it reaches out for its own personality, one that defines it in the whole and reaffirms the importance and contemporainety of the activities inside. It’s the hallmark of the park’s appreciation by the Friends of Gameleira Park Association.

The Casa dos Criadores is composed of an ample internal space, monumental in its dialogue with the external areas, adding to them and complementing them. It’s a dynamic picture with void shapes, curvy and soft gestures, and a happy, open atmosphere.

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Project name: Casa do Criador Building
Architecture: Gustavo Penna, Alexandre Bragança, Ana Paula Silva, Fernando Arruda Guillen, Norberto Bambozzi
Location: Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil
Year designed: 1994
Year completed: 1995
Projected area: 210m2
Photos: Jomar Bragança